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The End

sunny 30 °C

So after my days of travelling here there and everywhere I made my way back to Nanyuki to stay with a friend and spent time chilling out, eating good food and seeing a few sights before we had to go to Nairobi to organise a bike race. Luckily I managed to get out of the organisation side and went to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where they look after orphaned elephants and an orphaned rhino. We watched them being fed and one of them even came up and touched me with its trunk which was rather special.

Last weekend we started the 10 plus hour drive to the coast with a stop off on the way. We drove through Tsavo East as a short cut and saw lots of elephants and a hippo completely out of the water but it is quite upsetting because it is due to the lack of water and severe drought that all of the country seems to be suffering from.

We reached Malindi on Monday and I decided that I was going to make the most of my last week and live it up! We went to the beach on most days and the waves were really good for body boarding. We also went to a turtle sanctuary, snake farm, the Gede Ruins and the Malindi Museum.

In the evenings I ate some gorgeous seafood, went to a casino, beach party and some good restaurants.

Finally to end the summer I treated myself to a pedicure before travelling to Mombasa to get the flight. The flights went smoothly even though I was sat by a rather rude man and now I have 8 hours to kill in between Heathrow and Gatwick before I can finally go home.

I have had such an amazing summer and have precious memories that I will always treasure but I definately miss home now!

I'll try to put pictures up but don't count on it!!!

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The real adventure begins


overcast 20 °C

So I conquered Mount Kenya and then was dropped off in Nairobi at 10.30 pm with 3 bags, no battery on my phone and no accommodation, aren’t Cams International great!! Luckily I managed to find a camp site to stay and after being seriously ripped off by a cab driver I was safe and could relax and unwind…till 6 am!!

I got up early and decided I would go to Arusha in Tanzania to see my friend I have met out here Sian. The shuttle to Arusha was very bumpy but they looked after me and got me across the border and when I got there Sian was waiting for me with her friend Giggz.

We spent the day in a house (the first one I have been in since I have been here) and then in the evening we went out to party at a local travelers camp. The next day we spent some time in the town and then we went to an orphanage to see the child, Adam, that Sian has sponsored and we played monopoly with them.

In the evening we went to a local bar/restaurant and they had meat in sauce that you eat with your hands and a few drinks then we headed back for an early night.

Sunday Morning we had to get up early again to go to Nairobi to meet another friend in the afternoon before heading up to Nyeri which is around Mount Kenya again where stayed at Giggz’s house. His family were so welcoming and we had a chapatti lesson so I will will be a pro by the time I get home.

Monday we were up early again to have a quick walk around Nyeri before heading back to Nairobi so we could get Sian to the airport which was hassle free. I spent the night at a camp site in Nairobi and I will be heading back to Nyeri this afternoon then tomorrow who knows where I might be, I love waking up and not knowing where I am going or what I will be doing.

So for now…

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Mount Kenya

Good good times!!!

all seasons in one day 25 °C

Time to update you all…sorry its taken so long!!

So I left my group early on Monday 11th and traveled to Tsavo to meet my new group who I will be climbing Mount Kenya with. The following day we travelled to Nanyuki which is around Mount Kenya and even though the drive was very long with a few rather unpleasant toilet stops it was worth it when we got there.

The next day we spent getting used to the altitude, in the day it is very hot because we are so close to the equator but at night it got really cold.

The next two days we were there we spent acclimatizing so we went for a short walk and then rested, it was quite good but we couldn’t go far because the elephants were really close and we didn’t fancy taking our chances against them!

The first day of the mountain was fairly easy we only walked for 3-4 hours and we had a really funny experience with the elephants at the beginning, as we set off the porters threw our bags down and ran back towards us…good times!

The first night we stayed at Old Moses huts and there was 8 of us to a room, the beds were so comfy and I had an extra sleeping bag so I was happy! The second day we were up early to walk the 15km up and down hill to our next camp Shipton’s. The walk was long, we got rained on and some people walked very very slowly but we made it in the end and the scenery was worth it!!

We spent a day at Shipton’s acclimatizing (4200m altitude) but I found it quite boring and was ready to summit earlier. I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get altitude sickness and I just wanted to keep walking and walking!!

The day we went to the summit we got up at 1am and had some coffee before starting the final leg. The walk itself wasn’t too bad but my headtorch failed me and I had trouble seeing which was probably a good thing when I fell trying to help someone and then someone was sick on me but I found it funny! We got to the top just in time to see the sunrise which was absolutely amazing and I got news that I have raised even more money for Headway Guernsey which is super!

The way down was funny, I was sliding everywhere on the rocks but thanks to the poles I managed to stay upright. We walked all the way back to Old Moses huts again where we spent the night before getting back to Sirimon Gate.

When we got back to our base camp we managed to get a hot shower for the first time since I have been In Africa but then since then we don’t even have enough to flush the toilet because there is such a water crisis, people in the valleys are dying because of it!

The day after our climb we went to Ol Pejata where we saw chimps, hippo, elephant, warthog, zebra, buffalo, giraffe and loads of other things and I got to stroke a white rhino which broke wind just before I got close…good times!

Deciding to the climb Mount Kenya was probably one of the best decisions of my life, I have had so much fun, met great people and I will definitely be climbing in the future!!!

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Makongeni Week 3

The End

sunny 30 °C

The past week has been our final week of project work.

Our first project was working in the mangroves a short walk from our camp. At first we had to dig trenches which was quite exhausting because the weather has been very hot this week and there is no shade then we had to go to pick mangrove seeds and plants and plant them to help protect the coast from tsunami’s etc.

The second project was laying the floor at the classroom. The classroom looks amazing now, it has been fully painted, has a roof, blackboard, floor and murals, the complete opposite to when we first started.

On Thursday we worked at the mangroves in the morning then in the afternoon some of the local people entertained us as a way of saying thank you for the work we have done. It was such a good experience, they were singing and dancing, they climbed palm trees and we drank palm wine which was not so great.

On Friday we travelled to Tsavo where we stayed in another camp for a night so we could get up at 4.30 am on Saturday in time to get to Tsavo East national Park in time for an early morning game drive. Getting up was very difficult but it was so beautiful to see the sunrise.

On the safari we saw giraffe, zebra, elephants, a lion eating a baby elephant, a cheetah, leopard, buffalo, ostrich, warthog as well as lots of other smaller animals so it was worth it but spending 13 hours in the same truck was not very comfortable.

Today we are spending the day at the beach before going to another beach for our leaving bbq. Tomorrow morning I am heading off to Tsavo again to join another group and this is the week that I will climb Mount Kenya!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!

Here’s to my next adventure :-)


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Makongeni Village Week 2

Rafikia Kenia

sunny 29 °C

This week has been back breaking!!! We have been based in Makongeni again but we have been working for the Rafiki Kenia Foundation.

The first project we were working on was the hospital. It has been built but is not a working hospital yet because the contractor who put the floor in did it wrong and so we had to smash through the first layer of the cement on the floor and clear it all out of the building. I don’t think I have ever sweat so much in my life and after an afternoon of work I could just about manage the walk back to the camp!

The second project we were working on was the community toilets (when I say toilet I mean long drop). The hole needed to be about 15 feet deep and then after we had hoed and dug the whole we had to start building the foundations for the floor and the walls. The work itself is quite fun but the toilets are being built 2 metres away from the existing ones which are full so you can only imagine the stench coming from them.

Our third project this week has been to continue with the classroom at Makongeni Primary School. We have now completed the roof, painted the outside and inside of the classroom, made a chalk board and started painting educational murals on the inside. It has been really satisfying working on the classroom because we have really noticed the difference that we have made.

In my spare time this week we went for a meal at Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant which is a top restaurant with an open ceiling so you can look up at the stars as you eat. Yesterday we went to visit one of my friends in hospital which is like a top class hotel and we got a matatu (an overcrowded minibus) but there was not enough space so I had to hang out of the side of it but it was such a fun experience.

On Friday we had a day trip to Mombasa. We went to a wood carving factory where we saw the locals turning a piece of wood into something spectacular, it puts us to shame when it takes about 5 of us to make a desk! Then we spent the rest of the day in the Old Town, looking around the shops and Fort Jesus and going to an old (and very Muslim) market which was quite intimidating but very local.

I am now off for a camel ride and lunch at a nice restaurant along the beach before one final week of hard work.

I am having an amazing time and loving East Africa!

Love Rachel

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